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Chemical products production

Screening, back blow, backwash, discharge, recovery composition of efficient liquid-solid separation technology to help customers to achieve the system purification solution, effectively realize the improvement of operating efficiency, reduce waste, more in line with EPA and other government agency regulations, to extend the service life of the separator.

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We can provide a full range of services for biorefineries ranging from test to commercial scale installation, including the development of advanced filtration, mixing and separation solutions.

With our experience in process, we offer solutions to meet real product challenges. Our products and services enable you to meet requirements and increase production while reducing your total operating costs。

  Synthesis ammonia
Submicron solid corrosion particles and submicron oil stains carried in syngas,ammonia gas ,carbon dioxide gas, liquid ammonia, low temperature methanol liquid, MDEA solution will contaminate the catalysts in the system, resulting in lower service life and production efficiency of the catalysts.

  Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) production/Anthraquinone method,Fixed bed oxidation process
Compared with traditional bag filters, INOCO metal microporous filters can reduce manual maintenance, avoid leakage, improve operation efficiency and product quality.

  Ammonium nitrate
There are always oil impurities in ammonia, compressed air or process raw material gas that are difficult to remove, which leads to deactivation of platinum mesh catalyst in the oxidation furnace and shortened service cycle. INOCO filter can effectively solve these problems and improve the use of platinum catalyst。

  Aromatic derivatives(Phenylaminophenol, caprolactam, polystyrene, PTA, styrene, TDA,TDI,MD)
INOCO's advanced metal filter elements, such as fiber sintered felt powder filter elements, together with innovative high life design, greatly reduce the cost of use for the above industries。

The coating system generates ultra-pure brine while continuing to protect the downstream system without need for a pre-filtration system.

  Coal chemical industry
We are committed to improving quality and reducing emissions. INOCO industry solutions can meet the most stringent certification standards, including international standards.

  Other chemical products
Dye and pigment ,epoxy ethane ,epoxy propane ,silicone products, specialty chemicals.

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