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High level standard discharges and efficient utilization

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INOCO cooperate with most of China's atmospheric metallurgical enterprises related to desulfurization and denitration.For example ,Beijing SPC、Longking、Feida、Tongfang、CPIPEC、COHEN、SOULONG、JNG、Beijing Sanju、BOQI ENV、China Huadian、Zhejiang TUNA、China LONGYUAN、Shanda WIT、Zhejiang SUNTOWN、ANSTEEL ;INOCO have customer that more than 30 power plants in China.The sucess filtration rating up to 3μm , And long-term stable operation, do not need to clean the filter element frequently .

Typical Application:

Catalytic cracking flue gas desulfurization

DuPont - Belco wet washing technology can be used for simultaneous removal of SOx and particulate from Catalytic cracking flue gas.

Success case:

SINOPEC , Jinling branch 

CNPC ,Harbin branch

CNPC ,Jinxi branch

CNPC ,Dalian Branch

Urumqi Petrochemical plant

Daqing Field

Integrated technology of desulfurization and dust removal,such as Beijing SPC、LONGKING、FEIDA、

Ammonia /Amine:

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