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Large refining

Innovative technical capabilities and extensive filtration systems

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From the land and sea oil exploration to the crude oil refining and refining processing .INOCO have the innovation of technical capacity and a wide range of filter system, providing with complex filtering solution for customers , and improve work efficiency.For decades, we have been provide filtration separation equipment for CNOOC,CNPC,SINOPEC , our products can be designed to meet you on the separation efficiency reliability, economy requirements.

Plate replacement protection :

Zhejiang petrochemical Co. LTD ,40 million tons/year Refining and chemical integration project ,it will be established in Daxiaoyu mountain island petrochemical base of Daishan county, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang province.The project is refining 40 million tons/year、arene 10 million 400 thousand tons/year and ethylene 2milion 800 thousand tons/year .INOCO supply them sea water filter with capacity is 4000m³/h, total quantity is 40 sets ,and total flow rate reach 160 thousand tons/h . INOCO multi-functional self cleaning filter has the following functions: low operating cost, low energy consumption, simple operation and little impact on environment.

Coalescer and Separator:

Hydrogenation unit:

Backwash purification and filtration technology of material oil in petrochemical hydrogenation unit.
Remove the sulfur-ammonia atoms and metal impurities in the oil refining process.
Automatic backwash purification and filtration system for catalytic oil slurry.
Circulating purification technology of amine liquid in desulfurization system.
Purification and filtration of rich and poor amine solution in chemical gas desulfurization system.
Filter, low temperature methanol filter, etc.
Filtering synthetic oil in the synthesis device.


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