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Ballast water treatment

Provide a comprehensive cost-effective ballast water overall solution, in full compliance with the rules of use, so that shipowners and operators can assured .

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The ship ballast water treatment system is composed ballast water control system 、 filter、 UV sterilization device .

All ballast water is filtered by using an automatic backwash filter with a filtration rating of 25μm .This procedure can filter out most marine organisms and solid particles that larger than 25μm.
“Electrolysis of seawater to produce sodium hypochlorite bactericidal”-From the ballast water main pipeline get a small flow of sea water that passed through the electrolysis unit .A small flow of seawater from the ballast water main pipeline is passed through the electrolysis unit ,Electrolysis produces a high concentration of sodium hypochlorite liquid ,this liquid after degassed that will come back to ballast water pipeline .Mix with main ballast and dilute to a specified concentration . Sodium hypochlorite at this concentration can effectively kill the filtered residual plankton 、pathogens and their larvae or spores, etc that to achieve the specified bactericide effect (D-2 and other standards). The concentration of active substances in the ballast water pipeline is automatically controlled by TRO analyzer and control system. 
“Neutralization”--When the ballast water is discharged, the residual chlorine concentration in the ballast water is less than the IMO regulation value, the neutralization system will not start and the ballast water will be discharged directly to the destination sea area ;If the residual chlorine concentration more than the IMO regulation value, the neutralization system will start then the neutralizer is injected into the drainage pipe to neutralize the residual oxidant. The flow of the neutralizer is automatically controlled by the control system according to the concentration information feedback from the TRO detector.


1)Adopt 100% physical technology;

2)Mechanical filtration, filtering rating up to 25μm;

3)Effectively reduction of ballast tank sediments effectively ;

4)Do not add any chemicals, no residues;

5)Effectively kill pathogens and microorganisms in water and effectively treat water with low permeability;

6)When the pressure difference reaches the set value, the filter can realize self-cleaning;


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