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INOCO assistant our customer to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency .

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Catalyst Recovery:

After hydrogenation, carbon,Cu catalyst
Solid - liquid separation was treated with high temperature catalyst
Recovery of precious metal(Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru) catalysts

Unique technology to help enterprises achieve the perfect separation of solid and liquid, and solid moisture content is less than 30%; Especially suitable for viscosity condition or high solid content condition.

Large refining industry:

Butanediol (BDO)- recovery of catalyst in production, Chlor-alkali - salt water purification ,CaSO4 filtration ,Remove HgS and Metal Hg
Olefin resin-by-product filtration,for example C5/C9
Salt removal from the Polyols- neutralization reaction (APP)
PTA-Solid recovery from the waste
PPS production-salt removal and other impurity
Toluenediamine TDA-catalyst recovery and waste catalyst filtration
Hydrogen peroxide - fluidized bed hydrogenation process
Sulfur recovery-remove sulfur after redox reaction
Coal to Olefin(MTO)-catalyst recovery

INOCO third generation metal sintered element.

Other Industry:

Catalyst recovery 、Activated carbon removal、Desalting and product liquid purification

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