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Oil exploitation and processing

From the exploration of land and sea crude oil to the refining of crude oil .INOCO use our continuously innovative technological capabilities and extensive filtration systems,we provide complex filtering solutions for customers and improve the working efficiency. For decades, we have provided filtration and separation equipment for CNOOC,CNPC,SINOPEC .Our product design can meet your requirement of separation efficiency, reliability and economy.

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Low sulfur gasoline, low sulfur diesel  
S Zorb unit is a Szorb gasoline adsorption desulfurization technology that developed by SINOPEC and introduced into ConocoPhillips Company of the United States of America.The microporous metal filter plays an important role in the device.


  Oil and gas field acidification
Backwater filtration system is widely used in the world petroleum exploration and processing industry. It is used to add chemical agents quantitatively into oil Wells and gas Wells and pipelines through the automatic pre-filtration device of high-pressure pump separation filter, so as to solve the plugging and defrosting and make oil (gas) Wells return to normal operation.

  Hydrogenation unit
INOCO backwash filter has been successfully applied in the naphtha hydrogenation、 gasoline hydrogenation diesel hydrogenation 、aviation coal hydrogenation、 residue hydrogenation and other industries .Compare with competitors' products, INOCO can effectively reduce more than 50% of pollutant emissions.

  Catalytic cracking unit 
INOCO backwash filter has been successfully applied in hydrogenation plant by integrating, The unique metal microporous filter can effectively meet the high temperature and high impurity requirements of slurry in the catalytic unit, and the absolute accuracy can reach 1~5 microns.

  Sulfur recovery
INOCO has the three stage separation filter, compared with the traditional filter, it can make higher quality of amine solution, and with less maintenance cost .Its quench cold water filter, coalescence filter can reach the same level of Israeli products.

  Oil sand
Oil sands exploit are technically challenging; In particular, the process is putting pressure on the region's water supply ,but INOCO's experience in filtration, separation and purification is being applied to the oil sands.

  PX arene、Ethylene 、Polypropylene 、Butadiene
INOCO standardized pipe filters and cartridge filters can help manufacturers reduce costs and reduce maintenance costs.

  Air separation、 Coking
INOCO gas filter can reduce the emission of pollutants, so as to meet the environmental requirements of all parties; At the same time ,its fully automatic operating system, also reduce labor costs.

  Lubrication oil production
Bag filter is an indispensable product in the process of lubricating oil production. INOCO has been working hard to help customers improve product quality。

  Coal gasification
High temperature, high pressure, high precision and other complex working conditions are easily solved by INOCO. We are always concerned about how to effectively use the filter element in complex working conditions and how to better extend the service life of the filter element。
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