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Natural gas industry

In the past 10 years, INOCO designed and provided more than 2000 gas separation equipment or systems in addition to the filtration and separation, we also provide efficient and economic gas purification main case also, we can provide to customers with a complete set of solutions, we can provide product such as special valves, compressor testing instrument and so on.

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  Liquefied natural gas
We supply the products with skid-mounted or modular station for some small factory .Equipment、 filter separator, pipeline, valve, electrical instrument parts, etc., can be prefabricated and painted in the factory.

  Natural gas exploit
The oil - gas - water separation equipment in surface engineering of oil - gas field is mainly divided into three types: gas-liquid separate、liquid-liquid separate and three phase separate . We can supply the complete process、design and goods supply .

  Natural gas transportation
Depending on the high quality filtration system, INOCO provides filtration separators for most of the compressor enterprises in China, such as Kerui, Kaishan Yuandong CIMC, etc. Meanwhile, INOO also provides filters for GE, Kobelco and other foreign famous compressor companies。

  Shale gas/ coal bed gas
Our separate equipment are widely used on coal bed gas company , such as Shanxi Lanyan Coalbed Methane Group .

  Gas gathering station
The gas from different production sites are delivered to the treatment station. Before being delivered to the treatment station, the gases are separated and extracted on the transmission line system through filtration to remove impurities.

  Natural gas solid desiccant dehydration
Water can shorten the service life of drying bed, and liquid hydrocarbons can contaminate the dry solid desiccant, such as aluminum oxide or silica gel and molecular sieves, which can be used for moisture filtration in natural gas.
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