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Industry manufacture

We serve factories, automotive plants and key automotive parts, coating plants, smelting and paper mills around the world to ensure that fluids meet ideal cleaning standards while maintaining lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

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  Iron and Steel and Non-Ferrous
Whether it requires fine filtration or repeated use, INOCO has products for you selection. In the lubrication system, INOCO's filter can reliably and economically reduce the level of particles and water pollutants in the oil system to achieve the lowest cost of use .

INOCO filter can provide better solution for sea water ,hydraulic and lubricating oil system, diesel.

Today's automobile manufacturers are faced with the problem of quality, production efficiency and cost reduction.INOCO products ensure that almost every fluid system in the manufacturing process meets a high standard of cleanliness, ultimately reducing maintenance and downtime and reducing replacement costs。

  Paper making
INOCO is committed to providing modern and future development for our customers in the paper industry with specially designed filtration product ,oil purification systems and testing equipment to help paper machinery achieve longer operation time and higher productivity.

  Air separation
The factory needs process gas to sterile air, or the factory separate the air. INOCO can provide a series of filtration solutions for air separation.

INOCO provides filtration, purification and separation solutions for a variety of fluids and industries(including semiconductor, display ,data storage and optoelectronics).

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