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Sea water Desalination

Whether seawater or brackish water desalination, water pre treatment is the key to ensure long term stable operation of reverse osmosis system .When making seawater pre treatment should be fully considered: in sea water there have large number of micro-organism , bacteria and algae, Bacteria and algae breeding, and the growth of microorganisms in water not only can bring a lot of trouble to get water facilities, and will directly affect the normal operation of desalination equipment and process piping .Periodic flood tide, the sea water with a large number of sediment, the turbidity have bigger change ,that easy to cause the seawater pretreatment system work is not stable.

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Our INOCO sea water filter adopt carbon steel coating with rubber or duplex steel 2507 ,It has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation and control, and completely replaces the traditional sand filter.



VEOLIA Sea water desalination project (Saudi Arabic branch company )
Qingdao Oringin Water Science &Technology Co.,Ltd (100 thousand tons/day sea water desalination PPP project)
Zhejiang petrochemical Co. LTD(40 million tons/y Refining and chemical integration project ,105 thousand tons/day hot sea water desalination

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