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INOCO win the bid of 40 million tons/y Refining and chemical integration project from ZPC

Source:INOCO        DateTime:2018-07-25       Hits:

Project place is Zhoushan green petrochemical base (located in Daxiaoyushan island, Daishan county, Zhoushan city and the surrounding reclamation area). The total area of the project is 1307.9 hectares, of which 452.4 hectares is the stock construction land. The reclamation area is 855.5 hectares.

The project including oil refinery and Aromatics processing unit、Ethylene and downstream plant and related supporting facilities. The total capacity is 40million tons/y oil refining、8million tons/y P-xylene、2.8million tons/y ethylene.Each phase capacity is 20million tons/y oil refining、4million tons/y P-xylene、1.4 million tons/y ethylene and downstream chemical plant unit.

The above is Notification of Award