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Work in INOCO
  • Talent Concept

    INOCO takes the talents as one of the core strategies for the development of the company, pays more attention to the continuous education and training of employees, makes full use of various resources to provide the best development platform for employees, helps employees to maximize the realization of self-worth with humanized management.

  • Training and Growth

    INOCO regards employees as the most important wealth. According to the specific condition of each department, INOCO uses the targeted training courses, combined with the external training and the good tradition of people help each other and learn from each other, all of which let every employee gets the overall and systemic growth in the shortest possible time.

  • Welfare and Performance

    According to the factors such as operating conditions, regional consumption level and industry competition, INOCO adjusts the salary of employee in a planned sustainable way every year. By means of the comprehensive performance evaluation (KPI) system, INOCO realizes the assessment mode of coexistence of short-term incentive and annual share, equal importance of organizational performance and personal contribution, and regards this as an important basis of talent cultivation and cadres ascension. In order to encourage technological innovation, INOCO reward s technology innovation talents every year.

  • Team Building Life

    INOCO organizes regular activities such as sports meeting, outdoor training, singing games and travelling to attract the active participation in all levels of employees, motivate the positivity and team cooperative spirit of employees, strengthen the internal cohesion, create a family-like atmosphere.