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After-sales Service

All the service that INOCO provides is all for customers to create more value.

All the service that INOCO provides is all for customers to create more value. In-time, Good-quality, Profession are the characteristics of INOCO after-sales Service. INOCO will at the very first time to provide you with a full range of project requirements of technical data, drawings and product specifications, production schedule, production inspection control plan etc. Professional quality control personnel provide detailed quality tracking for your after-sale products. Professional customer service and technical personnel provide on-site unpacking inspection, installation supervision, commissioning and technical training services. 

  • Ensure the Production Running

    Evaluate the influence on filter of the installation of the pipeline technology and construction results before operation. 

  • Product Operation and Maintenance Training

    Provide professional training courseware.

  • On-site Technical Service

    Provide filter related technical consultation
    Model selection instruction of filter
    Operation instruction of filter
    On-site installation of filter

  • Failure Analysis and Recovery

    System analysis of the potential causes of the filter failure.

  • Product Repair and Maintenance

    Provide fitting, equipment and maintenance scheme.
    On-line or off-line maintenance and repair.
    Professional maintenance suggestion and scheme

  • Service and Promise

    Treat every employee with profession and sincerity, make them become the professionals in this industry.
    Provide solutions within 24 working hours and reach the site within 36 working hours.